Business Intelligence and Reporting Services

"Business Intelligence and Reporting" refers to all processes and mechanisms required to analyze, visualize and report institutions' data.

B&B has contributed to its customers' decision-making processes over the past 20 years by providing analytic software services and tools.

Advanced Business Intelligence (BI) tools offer effective and fast solutions for making raw, complex, and scattered data meaningful and usable for organizations. B&B identifies the needs of its customers in business analytics/business intelligence and collaborates with customer teams to develop policies on Data Management and Data Analysis. The execution of action plans in line with these policies is carried out by expert BI professionals.

Our team specializes in "Business Intelligence and Reporting" and:

  • Establishes procedures/database for data collection and analysis;
  • Eliminates the hassle of collecting data from multiple sources and designs consolidated data sources;
  • Designs advanced business intelligence solutions that all institutions and users can adapt to;
  • Provides tools for all users to appreciate the value of the data they possess;
  • Speeds up and simplifies access to data for efficiency and productivity;
  • Provides managers with interactive pages and designs - without drowning in numbers and pages - by offering summary, understandable graphical tables to positively contribute to decision-making processes;
  • Creates periodic reports for business intelligence analyses.

B&B offers professional solutions to its customers in these areas.

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