Network Infrastructure and Security Solutions

As B&B, we have been providing end-to-end network and security services to public institutions and organizations, private businesses and universities for 25 years.

We are establishing the infrastructure of the business from scratch and completing its structural finalizations. We assist in maintaining network security at the highest level with various network security solutions. We take pride in providing our clients with a reliable and robust network environment.


  1. FortiGate
  2. FortiSwitch
  3. FortiAP
  4. FortiMail
  5. FortiManager
  6. FortiAnalyzer
  7. FortiDeceptor
  8. FortiSIEM
  9. FortiWeb
  10. FortiNAC


  1. Switch
  2. Router
  3. Access Point (AP)
  4. IP Phones
  5. Webex


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